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Mr. Emondeur is a tree trimming, pruning and care service in Mirabel, Laurentides. Our company offers expertise, responsiveness, and low prices. Find all our services on this page.

Pruning is a common arboreal practice in Quebec, consisting of a maintenance pruning of the tree. The pruner cuts grassy shoots, young woody twigs, and low branches (prunings) from trees and shrubs. Sometimes, it can even reduce the crown's branches. Pruning has many benefits. The first step is to remove diseased or dead branches from a tree. Thus, you prevent the proliferation and development of a disease in a tree. In addition, you control the fall of these branches, so you prevent them from falling anywhere: on someone, on a vehicle etc. You also control the volume of the tree and the size of its branches: you avoid branch problems in the electrical wires, on the facades, or at the neighbor's. Pruning is more dangerous for trees than simple pruning. This is one of the reasons why it must be done by a professional: a poorly done pruning can very well kill a tree. In addition, it is an operation carried out at height, with a chainsaw: an accident would be very dangerous for your physical integrity. All our prunings are carried out after an estimate. We travel to imagine the best possible solution to your problem. It's not just about setting a price but also about analyzing your problem to find the best solution. Contact us today for a pruning estimate!


About Mirabel

Mirabel, Mirabelle or Mirabell may refer to: Mirabel (name), a female given name == Places == === Austria === Mirabell Palace, in Salzburg === Canada === Mirabel, Quebec, a city northwest of Montreal Montréal–Mirabel International Airport in Quebec Mirabel (federal electoral district), a federal constituency in Quebec Mirabel (provincial electoral district), a provincial constituency in Quebec Mirabel (territory equivalent to a regional county municipality), a statistical area in Quebec, also a census division === France === Mirabel, Ardèche, a commune in the Ardèche department Mirabel, Tarn-et-Garonne, a commune in the Tarn-et-Garonne department Mirabel-aux-Baronnies, a commune in the Drôme department Mirabel-et-Blacons, a commune in the Drôme department Saint-Jean-Mirabel, a commune in the Lot department === Israel === Mirabel (castle), a Crusader castle now part of Migdal Afek national park === Spain === Mirabel, Spain, a municipality in the province of Cáceres and autonomous community of Extremadura === United States === Mirabel, California, a former settlement == Other uses == HydroSerre Mirabel, a Canadian hydroponic produce company Mir@bel (Mutualisation d'Informations sur les Revues et leurs Accès dans les Bases En Ligne), index est.

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